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Add product is a part in seller’s journey in order to sell and to facilitate buyers when shopping, now sellers can adjust stock and product prices according to variants. In addition, seller will also easier to manage product stock, without the need to bother anymore to update the availability of variants in the product description. The biggest challenge when developed this feature is that add product feature has a lot of funnel dependencies, so it requires to us to do deep analysis.


Jun 2018 – Aug 2019

Team members

Ivana Elisa – UX Designer
Dicky Ariyanto – UI Designer
Dwiky Arhansa – UI Designer
Muhammad Fadhil – FE Designer
Helena Natanael – FE Engineer
Vienda – Product Owner

My Role

Business process analysis
Generative Research
Concept Ideation
Architecture Information
Wireframing and Prototyping
Usability Testing


We found that variant features usage were very small. We know that the basic of variant concept need to be improved because lot of sellers need flexibility when add variant products. The current variant has a strict level for variant child. And the other hand, we found that products with variants still hard to found by potential buyers in SRP (search result page).


As a result, we came up with create flexibility variant product and accommodate seller to filled the variant’s information. Align with that, we also consider and improve journey for buyer search the specific products in discovery page.

Our Approach

We followed the Double Diamond approach in design process. In the initial stage, we collected data from relevant PMs and businesses to understand the current flow, found core problems. Then from the problems we answered it with various solutions, then formulated it into a final design solution.


Understanding Variant Flow and Business Requirements

To understand the current features, we first looked at and evaluate from the current flow. From the analysis, we found some of the biggest pain points on this product, one of them is the dependencies between variant levels. For example, when a seller wants to choose variant size, they must also choose variant colour. Ideally these things are different and not related, so we will eliminate the variant level dependencies.

The second problem we found that there were same placed attribute fields between the main product and the variant product level. For example when sellers have main price for a product it will also applied to all variants, ideally the seller may have different prices or other information for their products.

Also, the objective of this project, was to increase seller awareness of variant feature both from product discovery (buyer side) and feature usage (seller side). We found that sellers who used variant features were very small compared with the buyer’s needs for this feature. Because the variants depend on the product category, so we started to talked with different categories team to understand the various requirements.


After gathering data and understanding the requirements, we found core problems that really needed to be solved and then we formulated it into some how might we questions.
• How might we increase seller awareness and educate seller about variant feature because it can help their product operational?
• How might we ensure right variant products appear on the SRP (search result page) when the user filters?
• How might we give seller the ability to choose single or multiple variants type?
• How might we help seller easier to manage variant attributes such as :price, product stock or other variant information?


We started with brainstorm and ideation with sticky notes, every merchant’s member team give ideas for each how might we question that going to solved. Then we group the similar solution and formulated it become final solution.

1. How might we increase seller awareness and educate seller about variant feature because it can help their product operational?

to increase seller awareness, we changed the variant flow: variant is no longer connected with the product category. So all sellers who add products, can aware to this feature without having to select their product category first. Also, we add an educational link for sellers to learn more about the feature benefits.

2. How might we ensure right variant products appear on the SRP(search result page) when the user filters?
We worked with the discovery team to solved this problem, especially for colour and size variants. We made improvements to the colour algorithm, mapping custom colours to the basic colours in the filter. So, custom colours entered by seller will be appear on the SRP. For example when a buyer filtered blue, the custom colours can appear included: Navy, Sky blue, ocean, cyan, sea, etc.

3. How might we give seller the ability to choose single or multiple variants type?
to answered this, we decided to remove the leveling system on the variant. So our sellers can add variants easily according to the product they have.

4. How might we help seller easier to manage price, product stock or other variant information?
We listed all attributes related to product variants. Then we consider the impacts between the main product and variant. And finally we decided to make different fields input for product variants, which we translated it into a variant table. In addition we add a bulk feature to accommodate sellers who have many variants to make changes / manage their products.


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