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E-license application is an AAJI (Indonesia Life Insurance Association) license card application in digital form which can only be accessed and used for limited agents as an official identity card in marketing insurance products. 


Sept 2018 (3 Weeks)

Team members

Ivana Elisa – UX Designer
Nico Ariesto Gilani – UI Designer
Fitrah Ramadhan – Android Dev
Ibnu Muzzakkir – IOS Dev
Hilman Syafei – Backend

My Role

Business process analysis
Generative Research
Concept Ideation


Paper license was found prone to wear and tear and plastic cards license was not able to store all relevant information needed. Also, that might the risk on the validity of the license from the agent. The main issues concerning validation media like insurance license are:
• Gathering of all data
• Storage of the above data so that it can be accessed fast
• Retrieval of the data into meaningful information as an when queried
• Prevention of issue of duplicate license as frauds and clones using the database for counter checks


We create a license application to replaced the paper license function. This e-license is not only intended as an evidence of agent membership, but also as a communication media between company to agents regarding updated all insurance information.


We started by understanding our users by gathering information from the AAJI companies, what are their objectives and gathering various sources of insurance agency information.

Domain Research

We first looked into the official AAJI website, trying to find inspirations and gaps among user needs. On this website, we found detailed information about agent membership, types, certification lists and other agent’s regulation. From here we can imagine grouping of users and their needs.

Understanding User and Needs

We classify users into 2 groups, there were verified and unverified insurance agent. Which of them has different needs in order their agent operation. Verified agents are agent that have at least one certification and still in the membership period. Also, unverified agents who have not already participated in any certification or their membership period has expired.


Design Goals

Based on the user needs and the gaps in existing flows, we summarized the higher level goals we hope to achieve with the build the e-license.


Having understood the design goals, we started brainstorming and developing ideas that can help us achieve these goals.
The first thing, we think about creating a homepage which will be the agent’s first landing page. This homepage will be a highlight page that will answer our two main goals.
Following is the information architecture on the homepage.

User flow

Facilitating day to day operation agent when facing their prospective users
Currently agent’s activities were very manually, but basically the function of the license card is very closed in their habit itself. From the research we have done the agent still needs a card but how can we created the card more simplified and easier anywhere, anytime.

Where should the design happen?

We are thinking of making an e-card by not changing the actual experience. The thing that we emphasize here is how to facilitate the agent: to convince potential users join their insurance services.We created an e-card that can be easily folded to see complete information.

We realized that trusting issues is the hardest thing for the agents to attract users attention. So we facilitate the card with authentic agency evidence to increase the trust from prospective users, they can easily scan barcode to see the original evidence of membership.

All types of agent license cards
Following are various cards exploration by Nico (UI Designer). Which consists of the main information (front) and card details (back).

Facilitating the certification process more seamlessly
Based on our analysis in the AAJI official website, we found all certifications information. But is not effective for them when they should visited and login to the website continuously.

Highlight the latest updates from ongoing certifications
Showing the latest updates from the ongoing certification on the home page, the certification results could be Passed and Not Passed. So agents can immediately take the following step for their test.

Show ongoing and completed certifications list
We listed the certifications and show the details. Passed agent can take action to view their certificate details. Meanwhile, agents who have not already participated in certification can download LKU (Lember Kerja Ujian) which must be taken for the test and also they can download the modules.

High Fidelity Design


Once the app was released we saw some great reviews for it on the Play Store. Having said that, we’re also aware there’s still room for improvement.Users want more features to optimized certification flow . We’re excited to continue working on the feedback coming in from users.

Download full mobile application here

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