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Tokopedia Emas is my first project and also the first launched Tokopedia gold investment. Tokopedia gold investment aim to make easy and affordable experience for saving. No different from conventional gold saving systems, users can buy, save, and sell gold at any time when the market price feels profitable.


Dec 2017- Marc 2018

Team members

Ivana Elisa – UX Designer
Fansyuri – UX Designer
Andrew Ignatius – UI Designer
Sylvie Stephanie – Front End
Ray Yapari – Front End
Hameer Chauhan – Product Manager

My Role

Business process analysis
Generative Research
Concept Ideation
Architecture Information
Wireframing and Prototyping
Usability Testing


Gold investment is relatively new in digital products. Today, most processes are still very manual by buying physical gold and saved them at home. But this way is very complicated where users have to go to the partner’s place and also the risk is higher.


As a result, we came up with Tokopedia Emas: is gold saving platform flow is more seamless and secure for users. By integrating the payment journey in Tokopedia and gold saving. 

Our Approach

Literature Review
Competitive Analysis
Affinity mapping

Informed Brainstorming
Design Alternatives
Information Architecture
Interactive Prototype

Usability Testing


First we gather requirements from several stakeholders such as product and business, map business processes, and create user journey to identify the design requirement. And we also conduct benchmarking research, the objective is to analyze product features, advantages and new improvement that Tokopedia can do, compared to other competitors.

User and Needs

To start off, we created a persona that we could come back to throughout our project to guide our design decisions and priorities. Based on our understanding of user, we envisioned the ideal user to be thinking about his/her personal finances and want to achieve his/her financial goals.

Job Stories

We wrote the following job story with the Jobs To Be Done framework to understand what will user.

Key research insight: Saving gold like common savings habits


Defining the Problem

From the research, we found that potential new users are clueless about the importance of investments and how gold investment can greatly benefit them

1. New users didn’t have a lot of money and not sure to invest a lot of their money for investing gold

2. Users who have knowledge about  gold investment were unaware about where and how to find a good place to invest easily.


Based on these problems, we realised our customers need a digital platform that can educate them and provide all the information needed to understand gold investment by taking a different approach to eliminate their expectations about conventional investment.

Ideally, the platform will also enable them to easily buy or sell gold that match their financial goals and also, they can monitor their investments.

Following that, the goal was to create a product that is user-friendly, not intimidating for beginners, and easy to use and understand by more experienced users — where they can saving gold (a substitute for investment expectations) by buy or sell their gold and monitoring the growth.


Design Goals

Simple and understandable, user needs to understand how saving gold can help them grow their money
Creating a good experience with an aesthetic design useful and easy to navigate

Wireframe and prototype

The results from gathering requirements and defining products, then we delivered design solution into wireframe and also in the mean time process we working closely with UI and FE Design.

User Flow

In order to scope out the experience, We began to create the user flow to visualise the possible solutions for each scenario.

High Fidelity Design


Users can buy and sell gold easily at Tokopedia Emas, starting from Rp. 500 only. In addition, saving gold can be very profitable because the market price continues to increase from time to time.

Save or Buy Gold

• Determine gold amount
User can input gold amount that want to buy in gr / IDR value
• Make payment easily
Payment has been integrated with Tokopedia, so users don’t have to worry about the security
• Check daily benefits
Users can monitor the gold movement value on the Tokopedia Gold dashboard

Sell or Withdraw

• Determine gold amount
User can input gold amount that want to sell in grams / IDR value
Earnings Balance can checked easily
User will receive these funds directly (instantly) in the Earnings Balance
• Transfer from Tokopedia Balance to Bank
Easily make a withdrawal from Tokopedia Balance if user want the funds to return to their bank account

*) All screenshoots were captured in March 2018, my contribution end at April 2018.
currently Tokopedia Emas already done some iterations.


Make it Happen, then Make it Better
We conduct usability testing to get insights from users regarding new feature. The main focus in this test is whether the user understands the product flow and how satisfied with the experience.

After we do several iteration, finally we make Tokopedia Emas happen, yeah.. the first launch live! Overall we are happy with the live results, even though we know we could have done few things better.

Design can always be improved; it’s important to know when to ship and wait for user feedback in order to make further iterations. Until now Tokopedia Emas already done many iterations to deliver a better and much better product.I hope creating Tokopedia Emas can help a lot of people, especially for our financial goal. 

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