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jabarprov.go.id is one of the UI/UX design competition we followed. The portal jabarprov.go.id is the official website of the Provincial Government (Pemprov) Jawa Barat. This website contains important news and information that is addressed for the people in Jawa Barat, and links to the services in the Jawa Barat Government. Redesign objective is to help the government’s official website improve its function as services website. 


2 Weeks.

Team members

Ivana Elisa – UX Designer
Ivan Bagus P – UI/ UX Designer
Nico Ariesto Gilani- UI/ UX Designer

My Role

Needs Assessment
Concept Ideation
Architecture Information
Wireframing and Prototyping
Design Documentation


Based on analytics data we found that lack of website performance. It is found that the number of website visitors is small each month and the average user visit is only 90 seconds per visitor.


The solution that we can do is to improve the function of the website itself. Starting with a service website that contains information, in the future it can also be a two-way portal for citizens and governments to submit complaints, insights or participate in the running of the government as a whole.



Quantitative Analysis

Based on Google Analytics Data (GA) we found datas including website performance, who is the user, and user interest in finding information Jawa Barat Website Performance. User Demographics, User interest.

User Survey

Then we analyzing the usability of the current website, we find several hypotheses regarding website problems. Then we formulate this hypothesis into a list of questionnaires to get insight from user. We try to do survey to find out user motivation when visiting the website, also try to know user pain points and what they needs on the website page.

Key Takeaways

User and habits
• Most website visitors are in the age range of 18-34 years
• With the distribution of men 62.26% & women 37.74%
• They used desktop 10.91% & mobile 89.09%

Common problems and user needs
• Lack information about government programs and whats the impact
• User do not have much time & difficult to get information on current services
• Users do not know how to make quick complaints
• Users have interest in political & government news, education, culture, business, and job opportunities. But there is no special place that accommodates the needs of the community

Competitor Analysis

We conduct competitive analysis with the other government website. The process aim to understanding who the competitors are, their strategy, the strengths and weaknesses of their products in comparison to ours so as to improve our design solutions.


After that we define the design objectives, based on user problems and needs we decided to focus on increasing user satisfaction and awareness. Users should get all the information/ services they need effectively and efficiently.

How might we give users easier to find out government programs that have a direct impact for them?

How might we give users easier to get information on public services & administration steps ?

How might we help users deliver their complaint in terms of social matters, infrastructure, health, economy, education, etc. that can be followed up and monitored on their progress?

How might we help users to find tourism, social culture, and employment opportunities in Jawa Barat?


Based on quantitative & qualitative research data as well as various exploration of ideas that we do, we focus on developing websites on :
• Grouping and navigating menus that are easy for users to understand

• Display a summary of all government services, programs government, Jawa Barat info, latest news, tourism and cultural destinations, etc. Accessed easily through the main page

• Reduce too much text on the main page

Regrouping Navigation Architecture
We evaluate the usability of existing navigation, the result is we get user pain points in navigating web pages because there are too many steps and a lot of similar information but there are in different groups. So we tried to re-group all the information on the website page.

Brainstorming Ideas

Then from our how might we, we listed many ideas to answer each question point. And then we try to group the ideas into more specific groups and determine the order of priority.


Purposed User Flow

We created the user flow to lays out the user’s movement through the website, mapping out each and every step the user takes—from entry point right through to the final interaction.

Wireframing & Prototyping
Next, each of us tried implementing our ideas and assumptions into wireframes and prototypes based on our grouping. We pitched our ideas in a small forum, and gathered feedbacks. We came up with final design after gather and agreed all ideas.

High Fidelity Design


Homepage as Jabar website summary
Homepage is the first page when a user lands on jabarprov.go.id. We created this page based on user needs that we found. When users land, they could see information including: public services, explore Jawa Barat, social media content, news, and government. Also we improved this page to more interactive, in hope for increasing visitor sessions.

Speaks like human being
We position the website as a user who looking for information in order to facilitate them more comfortable and easy to navigate the website.


Working as a team
This competition event is our first event. Most of the research we did remotely, but all can be done with responsibility and work as a team. We are very happy to do the process well as a team. In the future, we hope to crafting something and meaningful for many others.

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