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Bundle Package is my first project in Moka POS. During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of merchants are struggling and even shut down their businesses. Moka POS was trying to help merchants by providing more promo features that could help the business to survive during that situation. One of the promo strategies that quite common in the F&B and Retail industry is bundle package promo.


Jun 2021- Jul 2021

Team members

Ivana Elisa – Product Designer
Cliffian Linardi – Product Manager
Yunlong, Ivan P, Hendra, and the team – Engineer

My Role

Concept Ideation
Design solutions & validation
Design Documentation


Merchants who have bundle package have difficulty to implement their promos on Moka POS. Especially when they apply promos in the POS storefront and consolidate sales and inventory reports if they are selling the same SKU on bundle package and ala carte.


As a result, we came up with a new promo feature that give merchants the flexibility to create bundle package and integrated with Moka inventory system.


Based on previous research, we found that the bundle package promo is the most desired promo need to compare to other promos. This signifies that merchants might have been experiencing pain points without much workaround solutions. So the product team decides to prioritize develop this feature.

Insights from the research team: most needed promos in Moka
Understanding the Users

Before start the design process, I need some additional context. My primary focus was to figure out some of the different ways merchants create bundle package with Moka limitations and what challenges they may face. I decided to conduct secondary research.

According to the research, we found that F&B and Retail merchants basically have the same needs on bundle package, especially for merchants who want to increase their revenue in order to survive during a pandemic.

Here are a few the needs insights based on the information gathered in my research:

  • Merchants need more inventory (stock count) accuracy, with realtime updates.
  • Automatic inventory update, simplifying from current manual solution.
  • Prevent customer disappointments due to unfulfilled orders.
  • Have tidy reports, to aid reporting and analysis.
  • Help monitor and control the use of ingredients/materials.
  • Help inform pricing strategy.
Major Pain PointsThe PainsCoping Mechanism
1. Hassle to create and manage bundle packageNeed more effort when selecting ala carte items into bundle package
Human error
Merchants can not make a special price for bundle package
Manually add the item bundling one by one in cashier
For the promo price, most of them combine it with discount menu
2. Unable to monitoring the promo performanceThere is a discrepancy in inventory stock because of they create a new item SKU for bundling menu
Can not monitor sales performance at bundle package level
Can not monitor item sales performance differentiated between bundle and a la carte
Create a separate report manually to monitor performance

Competitor Analysis
I also conduct competitive analysis with the other competitors. The process aim to understand who the competitors are, their strategy, the strengths and weaknesses of their products in comparison to ours so as to improve our design solutions.

Problem Statements

Based on the research insights, we try to group the user needs and pain points and translate it into focused problem statements and then we agreed on these main topics, including:

  1. Ease of create and manage bundle package
  2. Ease of monitoring the performance

The Goals
Business goals: Retain existing merchants
Closing down is the biggest reason many merchants decide to stop using Moka POS. To make sure our merchants keep using Moka POS, they need to have revenue for the sales. Bundle package is one of the product initiatives offered for merchants as their sales strategy to increase their transactions and revenue.

User goal: Help existing merchants to create bundle package in a more proper way
This promo is quite common in the F&B and Retail industry. However, MOKA POS cannot support merchants who need to sell their products as a combo and still use the manual solutions on our inventory.

Retain existing merchants# of merchants create transaction by using combo/ bundle package
# of bundle package creation
Help existing merchants to create bundle package in a more proper way Success rate to finish user flow
User satisfaction


In the ideation phase, we listed all the problems that occur and need to be solved and we try to generate as many solution ideas as possible that are related to pain points and have the potential to be implemented.

  1. How to help merchants easily to create, manage, and apply bundle package in Moka POS?
  2. How to support merchants easily to monitoring the promo performance?

Ideation Board

Idea Prioritization
In this step, we need prioritization due to development constraints and focus on the right solution based on the value for user. And after prioritizing ideas, we decide to prioritize some ideas for the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of bundle package feature that focus on the basic functionality.


I started with several basic sketches of how I wanted the overall layout to be structured to begin the design stage and once the final sketch layout was completed, it was time to incorporate those ideas into wireframes and user flow.

User Flow
User Flow

High Fidelity Design

Applicable for multiple outlets
User only needs to create a bundling menu once and it will automatically applied to the selected outlets.

Realtime stock updates and more accurate inventory data
Moka POS application can automatically monitor the bundle item availability because the items used in bundle package and a la carte will be integrated from the same data source

Ease of monitoring bundle package performance
Improve the sales report by adding bundle package sales report that can be used to monitor and plan the next promo strategy.

Back office(Desktop) Preview

Storefront(Mobile POS) Preview


After 7 months MVP launched, and the product team regularly monitors feature performance that focused on bundling menu usage. From the data, we found that the number of active outlets that has sold bundling menu is gradually increased from 1.1K to 2.2K, even though this number is still small compared to the total active outlets (46k). We realize there are still many things that can be improved in the future due to the first launch is still the MVP version where the functionality might not be as complete as merchants’ expectations.


Working on this project was a great experience. I learn new things and knowledge, especially on the promo strategy and it was a great start to learn the end-to-end POS flow. From this project, I also learn how the importance of idea prioritization, considering the constraints (e.g tech limitation or time) could always happen so we need to really understand user needs to decide which the best solution should come first.

When it comes to further improving user experience, some next steps would be:

  • More flexibility to custom the bundling menu in the bundle item level
  • Implement the bundle sales report to monitor performance
  • Improve additional features in the storefront to support managing activities e.g CUD (create, update, delete) bundling menu, search function, etc

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